Mission Vision

Mission: The NEXUS Association of REALTORS® connects with its members to advance their success and professionalism. We align with consumers to advocate, protect and preserve private property rights.

Vision: The NEXUS Association of REALTORS® is your ultimate professional connection.


5 Strategic Pillars

NEXUS has a pliable business structure that reflects and utilizes the diverse talents of our forward-thinking business professionals and staff. Nexus proactively anticipates issues that affect our industry and collaborate on the best solutions available for the benefit of our members.


NEXUS commits to informing and advocating for our members and the public on important laws, legislations, and ordinances affecting our industry and property rights.


NEXUS commits to helping our communities understand what REALTORS® do and the positive impact we have.

Community Outreach

Through an effective communication strategy, NEXUS maintains and fosters relationships with members, the media and our communities.


NEXUS positions members to go beyond the basics with a practical and specialized education that helps members build their expertise and optimize their revenue.

Professional Advancement