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Wednesday, September 13, 2023 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
2 Hours
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David Sulock
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Live Webinar
New Jersey Real Estate: 2 Elective Credits (C20204224)
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Instructor: David Sulock

Lead Paint is becoming more relevant in real estate transactions in today’s market. Why was lead so popular and what led to the lead demise?

This class discusses the history of lead, in paint, dust, soil, and drinking water. It discusses why lead paint was so popular and when it was restricted from being used. You will learn the health hazards of lead and what the turning point was in history when lead was no longer popular.

Lead laws are popping up in NJ, and they are prevalent in local cities in other states. This class dives deep into the laws and regulations, discusses what types of sampling and inspections are needed and how to find a licensed lead inspector. The class goes into detail on Lead Risk Assessment and Lead Paint Inspections, and the difference between the two.

You will walk out of the class with full knowledge of Bill S-829 and Bill S1147 and how it affects real estate.

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